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Using a state of the art thermal camera (collaboration between Zenmuse and Flir ) we can obtain better quality thermal imagery, allowing identification of problems noticeably faster, more efficient and safer.

Thermal Inspections: Service


Inspecting solar panels by drone and thermal camera have shown many benefits from time efficiency to data quality and cost optimization. Up till now, solar panels where and are still regularly inspected using conventional hand held thermal cameras. This  is labour and time intensive opposed to using a drone, Further more, as the drone is flying we can profit from making proper images to be used in post processing, enalbing an ortho-photo from the entire project. As a result, maintenance crews can work more time and cost efficient.
Sincde we use the Zenmuse XT2, we are able to gather thermal as wel as visual imagery simultaneously, allowing to report debrie, bird dropping and damage without any added flight time.



With a thermal camera we are able to quickly and efficiently identify energy losses in buildings and structures, providing accurate information to resolve the problem.

This is often the case with roof tops and windows, as certain spots may be insufficiently insulated resulting in a source of energy loss.

In any infrastructure there may be a leak or component causing either warm or cold spots posing a threat to the rest of the structure/components.

Being able to identify these types of temperature anomalies can reduce operating cost , maintenance cost, efficiency and personnel safety.



During cold weather conditions, drones carrying a thermal camera are optimal for finding weak insulated areas in buildings. The data captured during a thermal inspection can be used to execute precision interventions and get accurate proposals.

Thermal Inspections: Diensten
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