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Using the latest tech in cameras and ever more so reliable drones we are able to provide incredibly detailed picture and video. Combined with time efficiency and seriously reduced safety hazard of using drones, we offer an optimized package for inspecting dangerous, hard to reach and time costly places such as cell phone towers, high-rise buildings, electrical pylons, dams, windmills, bridges ....

Visual Inspections: Diensten


Inspecting a roof by drone is much faster and safer then conventional methodes. With the added benefit of a high resolution camera images can be taken of the entire roof or specfic  areas, which can then be used to plan an intervention or get accurate price estimations.
Images can also be used for insurance claims.



Inspecting underneath bridges can be a difficult and time consuming task with conventional methodes. However a drone like the Matrice M210 RTK is specifically designed for these kind of tasks. With  its abilty to carry an upward facing camera, enabling detailed inspection.
The RTK system is  important for this task as  a stucture such as a bridge could directly impede GPS signals from reaching the drone and cause loss of stability.



Inspecting stuctures like  powerline pylons or windmills are dangerous and costly missions, Therefore drones are yet again the perfect solution.
The Matrice M210 RTK is a drone platform build for exactly these kinds of tasks, demanding great stabilty for image captrure, image enlargement for small details and RTK for GPS signal interferrance (electro magnetic field from powerlines ).

Visual Inspections: Diensten
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